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The following are my links to other sites that I find interesting. Although not all are birding links, take a look and see if there's something here that you might find interesting. If it has to do with purple martins, you'll probably find a link to it here. It will also contain links to other pages that I find of interest that may not have to do with martins.


If the link takes you to a site that has products for sale, I am not responsible for their products or the quality of their products.  Contact them about that.


AND PLEASE NOTE:  Sites come and go and at times I'm just not able to keep up with them all.  If you find a link that is either broken or doesn't take you were you thought you were going, please send me a short email stating that on my "Links Page", "such and such a link doesn't work anymore" and I will remove it.


Purple Martin Web Sites

The Purple Martin Conservation Association

An organization located in Western Pennsylvania


Purple Martin Preservation Alliance

Another organization located in South Western Pennsylvania

The Purple Martin Landlords of North Texas

A link to a very active Purple Martin Club in Northern Texas.


Amish Gourds

Another purple martin site from Pennsylvania

The Iowa Purple Martin Organization

Purple martins in Iowa...

The Purple Martin Society
The Purple Martin Society/NA



For Our Canadian Friends


Northern Sky's Purple Martin Colony

A site located in Central Alberta, Canada


Hirondelles Noires (Progne Subis)
Information...Another French site from Quebec for our French speaking friends...

Purple Martin Housing / Commercial Sites


A couple of notes here, please:

If your plans are to buy a manufactured house for purple martins, please make sure it's a 'quality' house.  BEFORE buying, check to make sure the house has been manufactured to the new standards or is capable of being changed to the new standards.  This page will tell you WHAT TO LOOK FOR.  Purple Martin Housing Standards

DO NOT just by on price alone.  Remember, the old adage, you 'get what you pay for'.  You may pay more for a GOOD martin house, but in the long run, they are well worth it.

For the sites that supply plans to build your own martin houses, it is strongly suggested that the compartments be enlarged to 6 x 10 or 12 inches and that the round holes be replaced by crescent shaped SREH's.  Some plans are out of date and need to be revised to meet recent research findings and recommendations.  Before attempting to build a martin house, it is suggested that you educate yourself on what makes a good martin house and then use those rules to make changes to plans so that the martins' best interests are taken into account.


Coates Purple Martin Houses
Housing and other articles manufactured by Coates Mfg....

Best Nest
Aluminum Housing... with all the extras....

Purple Martin Supply
Purple Martin Products and More


Yard Envy
Purple Martin Housing and More

Purple Martin Extras

Purple Martin Migration Map
Another map showing the range of Purple Martins....

Additional Mosquito Myths
And another one... Products with limited mosquito control value....

General Birding


Bird Cages

Got a pet bird and want to give it a unique place to stay.  Check out this site…


Perky Pet

A page for all birds articles.  They even have a migration map for Hummers


Water Fountains

A page with all kinds of water fountains, indoors and out...


General Bird Watching Guide

Thanks to a young fella by the name of Alex, here's a guide for general bird watching


Official Birds of The United States

A good resource for the general birding community


More bird watching info

Birding for Beginners


The Rise of Young Birder Clubs


The Audubon Guide to Bird Gear


Fun facts about Hummingbirds


Get the kids started in bird watching


More bird watching resources


Backyard Birding


Birding teaching resources


Using unusual materials for bird houses

Check out all the different materials that can be used to make bird houses


Here's a good site explaining all the benefits of bird watching from start to finish


More bird watching from the UK


Tips on bird watching and building bird houses


Building a wildlife watching shed



So misunderstood... Here's a quick and common sense lesson on these little insectivores.... Missouri Department of Conservation
Home page for The Missouri Department of Conservation....



Pages other than Purple Martin Links


Photo Search

For anyone building a web page or just needing an interesting photo...

Here are a couple of additional links for even more resources...

Can Stock Image Library

Go Graph Graphics Database

And an email to go along with it;  Josh,


More Stock Photos from Canva

More help for building your own web page.

And here's a contact email as well; Jean,  


And, for all you photographers, amateur and otherwise


"Home Building DIY Resource Guide"
If you're planning on building a home, here's one for you...


Got a wall that needs decorating?


Interested in any free art???


Here's an online guide for growing gourds, birdhouse and otherwise.