Gourds for Sale

If you've exhausted your efforts to locate any gourd suppliers, then on this page, you'll find a number of different sources for gourds in which to make martin houses from. I'll put all pertinent information here about each supplier as they supplied it to me. This page will be updated as often as needed to keep up with changes.
ALL of the suppliers listed below have shipping available.

I am not responsible for the quality of the gourds acquired from these suppliers. I am only supplying the means in which to contact them.

From the Purple Martin Conservation Association:

For those landlords looking for a convenient source of natural martin gourds, the Purple Martin Conservation Association has them available, via mail-order. Profits from the sales go to help fund research and conservation. The following prices apply:

4-pack $24.95 + $6.00 S&H
6-pack $36.95 + $6.00
8-pack $44.95 + $8.00
12-pack $59.95 + $8.00

Phone: 814-734-4420
Fax: 814-734-5803
Email: pmca@edinboro.edu 
Web Page: http://www.purplemartin.org 

Purple Martin Gourds 7" to 9" diameter, cleaned & sterilized $4.00 each
Purple Martin Birdhouses ready to hang, unpainted $8.00 each
For gourd catalog write:
West Mountain Gourd Farm
P.O. Box Drawer 1049
Gilmer, TX 75644
Ph 903-734-5204
Email: gourd@etex.net 

Gourds: 1000's and 1000's.
Birdhouse, crafts, and ornamental. Grown in the Deep South
where a long growing season makes for thick walled gourds.
Will deliver large orders.
P.O. Box 591,
Oneonta, AL., 35121
Ph 205-625-5040
$1.50 U - cut
$2.50 We - cut

Email:  plsdfarm@otelco.net

Web Page:  http://www.gourdhead-quarters.com


Approx  25 varieties of craft and birdhouse gourds in large quantity.
Includes Martin gourds, bushels, kettles, bottles, dippers, and many others.
UPS and priority USPS shipping available, including COD orders. No minimum.
Call, e-mail, or send SASE.

610 CR 336
Piggott, AR., 72454
Ph (870)-598-3568
: ddalton@piggott.net 
Home Page: http://www.pumpkinhollow.com 
Small birdhouse gourds - $2.00
Martin gourds 7"-9" - $3.00
Martin gourds 9" and up - $4.00
Finished and unfinished gourd birdhouses and feeders also available.
New price list available.

Gourds for Birdhouses
Quality dry gourds, long or short necks, $2.00 ea.
Ready to hang, wire included, $3.00 ea.
Tom Keller
P.O. Box 1115
West Point, MS., 39773
Ph: (601)-494-3334
Homepage: http://www.enterit.com/TOM3334.htm 

Ozark Country Creations
Gourds for Birdhouses and crafts
30226 Holly Road
Pierce City, MO 65723
Ph: (417)476-5454
Send $2.00 for chart of gourd shapes, prices, & tools
No minimum order

Over 25 varieties of craft and birdhouse gourds in small to large quanities.
Includes Martin gourds, Lg. bushel, bottles, dippers, ...from small to large we have them.
WE PAY SHIPPING: Special orders on particular shapes or sizes welcome........
Call Jeff Dixon: 706-868-5065
E-mail: jeff042@webtv.net 

Barnstable Farms
150 Barnstable Road
Carlisle, Pa. 17013
Birdhouse gourds, Martin gourds, all sizes
call for more information
e-mail: SMAB.RESOLB@webtv.net 

Excellent quality dry gourds.

Bottle, dipper, birdhouse, penguin, and swan gourds available.
Over 8"--$3.00/ea.
Eva's Acres Gourds
4832 South 27th
Quincy, Il. 62301
Ph. (217)224-8582
Email: lnuttelm@adams.net



Larry Eckler

Eckler's Produce & Greenhouse

Over seventeen varieties of gourds grown , thousands to choose from.      

Phone: 616-683-2509

Fax: 616-683-0928

Email: seedsman@ecklerfarms.com 




Birdhouse gourds from 13" diameter down for martins, bluebirds, wrens, etc. Other blue ribbon gourds

available for crafting from extremely large bushels down to 5" kettles & dippers. No minimum order.

Email, call, or send SASE to:


Rt 3 Box 647

Franklin, TX 77856

979 828 5396





R&R Kountry Pumpkin Center


A family owned business, specializing in pumpkins and all kinds of gourds.

Varieties such as:

Birdhouse, Snake, Caveman's Club (Maranka), Bottle, Apple, Dipper, Swan and all sorts of cross breeds.


Rt 5, Box 183C

Pikeville, TN 37367

Ph:  423-447-6352




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