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Purple Martins...


An Overview of Purple Martins


FAQ's on Purple Martins


Requirements to Attract Purple Martins


The Martin Bio Page


Purple Martin Habits


Tips to Attract Them


Starling and Sparrow Control


Other Pests & Predators


Martin Myths/Facts


 Why and How to do Nest Checks


 Why Gourds Should Swing


My Stand on Pesticides


Standards for Martin Housing


Supplemental Feeding of Martins


Feeding Baby Martins


SREH Entrances


Friendly Competitors for Martin Housing


Plastic Gourds for Martin Housing


Moving Tree Swallows


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Plans/Items I Have Available

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Wooden Rack Plans


Wooden House Plans


Rack Mounting Pulley Kit


House Mounting Pulley Kit



Do It Yourself...


Build Your Own T-14


Mount a T-14 to a Round Pole


Build Your Own Owl Guards


Build a Repeating Sparrow Trap


Add a Winch to a Steel Pole


Rework a Trio to Deep Compartments


Turn Natural Gourds Into Martin Houses


Build a Ground Predator Guard


Eggshell and Material Platforms


Build a Simple and Effective Snake Guard


The Gourd Section...


Growing Gourds

Harvesting Gourds

Some Gourd Pests

Drying Gourds

Painting Gourds

Storing Gourds

Purchasing Gourds


Add SREH's to Gourds and Houses





Thermal Testing of Martin Housing


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Purple Martins


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